Assessment and monitoring of facilities

Efficient and sustainable management of corporate assets

RINA approach consists of four steps of checking - as such as context, value, design and managing - and focuses the facilities management within the core business of the organization.

The cycle starts with an evaluation of the organization and its assets (buildings, plant, others) based on an assessment of the context and internal and external stakeholders’ specific demand. Furthermore, we analyze the management methods previously performed, as well as the best practices, to identify critical points of the current management model, and then define improvement plans.

The main step is to share different Facilities Management (FM) scenarios with multiple stakeholders with multiple stakeholders involved and organization management.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.



Is the service provided also within new building projects?
Yes, we provide support also during design and construction of new buildings, having optimized life cycle costs and get assets management more reliable, safe and easy.

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