Alternative Fuels

Advice and analysis of environmental regulations and technical options to find appropriate solutions to be in compliance at sustainable costs

Environmental regulations are imposing stricter emission limits. The marine industry has to face this challenge without forgetting cost sustainability. Ship owners are evaluating pros and cons of adopting alternative fuels and new related technologies.

A good environmental performance in terms of air emissions is something that rules and regulations, market, media and public opinion are demanding to the marine operators.

RINA, with its experience in the marine field and its expertise on environmental issues has the capability to support its clients in analysing different scenarios and possible choices up to validate custom and reliable configurations.


RINA can assist clients in many ways during the entire process by carrying out:


Why a good environmental performance is important?
It is important for human health and for the environment, it is mandatory to comply with international and national rules and regulations and, if achieved with appropriate means, it can represent competitive advantage.

Is there one particular fuel or one specific solution suitable for all situations?
Shipowners are choosing different solutions, each appropriate to their own needs. This will most probably lead to the development of multiple fuel options and different approaches of technologies currently being developed or already available on the market.

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