Welding and coating inspection and NDT tests

Inspections for steel component metallic structures

During production of steel structures the client may need daily or spot welding inspections in order to check the welding process during the production, as well as to verify the compliance of items with approved design and of codes or specifications applicable.

Once welding is done, daily or spot non-destructive testing through radiographic, magnetic, ultrasonic and penetration tests, visual inspections and other NDT methods may be used in order to check the quality of welded products.

Furthermore NDT can be used to monitor, improve or control manufacturing processes and detect flaws due for in-service activity such as stress cracking, corrosion, erosion and heat damage.  
Finally, coating inspections are to check the painting in order to guarantee the durability and avoid corrosion.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


The technical inspection service is carried out according to the following 3 main steps:

On client basis, we usually issue:


We act as an independent body to ensure the progress of the performance in respect of integrity, independence and confidentiality requirements. We already count in our staff technicians with a long and solid experience in solving problem concerning welding field and non-destructive testing.

Our personnel have the following international accreditations and qualifications:

Finally, our IT tools allow being prompt for each single request for inspection and to coordinate several teams. 


Are you able to manage overseas job?
Yes we have inspectors in all the countries and project manager dedicated to coordinate the inspections locally, from the countries where the production is based to the countries where the steel structure are shipped.

Manuela Di Marino Sector Manager, Infrastructure International Development

+39 02 52876191

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