Vendor inspection

Remove or minimize the risk of faulty materials entering the supply chain

Vendor inspections are surveillance activities carried out at supplier's premises. This service is particularly relevant in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pipelines, Marine, Mining, Infrastructure, Transportation & Renewables industries where clients procurement departments may procure a considerable amount of items, with many different manufacturers around the world.

Main benefits:

Service details

The main areas of inspection are:


Our Inspectors conduct second and third party inspections (3.2 certification) of mechanical parts, electrical components and commodities, according a clients detailed assignment and applying contractual specifications, codes and international standards. We apply a rigourous vetting process of candidate qualification, selection and monitoring to ensure only the most competent and experienced Inspector suited to the job is selected appointed for the job.

Reports are issued in line with clients requirements following implementation of some or all of the following phases:

As additional value, our specialists have the necessary expertise and skills to:


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