Urban development and buildings

Design of new buildings and restoration of historical ones

Both for new buildings projects and the requalification and restoration of historic buildings, we offer you a combination of professional consulting engineering services, design activities and related site work.

Our planning strategy is based on an integrated approach, combining multidisciplinary engineering capabilities with urban design, planning, landscaping and architecture from selected partners. This approach has been successfully applied in several projects around the world.

All aspects relating to buildings’ structures, energy efficiency, seismic vulnerability, mechanical and electrical systems requirements and safety management, are crucial to achieve a complete integration of architecture and engineering and a successful synthesis of form, function and efficiency.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Focus on restoration

Historic buildings and cultural heritage are a key aspect of the built environment. In our approach, restoration is primarily a cultural act aimed at recognizing past values, combining respect for a construction’s history with bold decisions in order to guarantee a future for unique architectural works.

Moreover, restoration and requalification of existing buildings are an intrinsically sustainable form of development, avoiding the waste of resources commonly associated with the process of demolition and reconstruction.


Our multidisciplinary work teams offer the expertise of structural and system designers, the sensitivity of metric calculators and the pragmatism of project managers and construction supervisors to produce an integrated and complete project.

We strive to optimize structural behaviour and construction, paying constant attention to environmentally sustainable integrated solutions involving both high performance building materials and the latest M&E technologies.


We have the necessary managerial and technical experience, as well as facilities, to successfully provide comprehensive services and are known for our responsiveness and commitment to excellence.
Our services - offered to both private and public clients, construction contractors and developers, private banks and institutional investors - cover all the engineering stages of design and construction process, from site characterization to the study and technical evaluation of construction up to monitoring after the completion of interventions. 

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