RINA toolkit for business continuity

Supporting companies in assessing the COVID-19 effects and identifying strategies to maintain business continuity

coronavirus-covid19-industry-businessLockdown policy measures necessary for containing the spread of COVID-19 are resulting in a significant business impact for many companies. The effects of the emergency are felt across all the industrial sectors, both operationally and financially.

Companies have to understand the COVID-19 impact on their short-term objectives having in mind also the long-term ones. As a company assesses the effects on its business, mitigation measures need to be identified and quickly implemented while managing stakeholders and planning actions for the long-term period.

Furthermore, COVID-19 pandemic has created issues related to social human behavior as well as it imposes a proper management of the environment with regards to the microbiological contamination. Such needs, that are well known in specific sectors (e.g. health and pharmaceutical), are nowadays spread to almost all human activities. This requires the adoption of new tools/procedures and technologies for people management (including proper management of personal data, if any), use of PPE (personal protective equipment), sanitation activities as well as a new design for the affected processes including customer and supply chain interface and management.

Business continuity management for the coronavirus emergency

In this complex framework, RINA makes available his experience as strategic management consultant and system integrator to provide the following services:

  • Support for the identification and application of legislation including applicable national and international directives and recommendations (e.g. WHO, IMO).
  • Development of procedures, communication materials and training of personnel and public/visitors for risk and emergency management.
  • Identification of most-effective sanitation procedures based on specific environment characteristics (i.e. people aggregation, surfaces material, ventilation system) and verification samplings.
  • Identification of the best strategies and technologies for productivity recovery/service provision.
  • Support of implementation of a management system for infection prevention and control.
  • Worst-case scenario: RINA can support companies to test and challenge key assumptions and assess downside scenarios to help companies to gain insight in the impact of Covid-19 on their business.
  • Model: RINA can model all scenarios identifying key risks, their impact and the related mitigation plans putting in place and translating in pragmatic and rapid actions. This will help to preserve companies in the short and medium term.
  • Supply chain: RINA can assess ability of affected operations to continue production and supply while monitor the end-to-end supply chain disturbance and can help company to rebuild the supply chain.
  • Market analysis and customer segmentation: RINA can support companies in identifying new markets and dividing customers into groups based on common characteristics in order to target each group effectively.
  • Megatrend analysis to identify the long-term business trajectories: RINA can support companies to identify the major trends and changes that will influence their business.
  • Development of new growth strategies: RINA can apply its strategic intelligence methodology to identify the future needs and challenges to solve, scout enabling technologies, design possible solutions, re-design business models and define strategic diversification strategy.
  • Development of implementation plan: RINA can support companies in defining action plan in order to implement the selected diversification strategy.
  • Development of new pricing strategies: RINA can support companies in elaborating new pricing strategies on based on a detailed market segmentation.
  • Development of stakeholders’ management strategy: RINA can help businesses in managing stakeholder expectations which at times could be mutually conflicting. Both Internal (e.g., employees, managers, the board of directors, investors) and External stakeholders (e.g., consumers, investors, suppliers, society) will be analysed and managed in order to ensure business continuity.
  • Scouting of technological solutions: RINA can support companies to find the best available technological solutions in order to protect staff and to ensure that business can continue in case infections arise.
  • Design of tailored technological solutions: design, development and installation of integrated tailored solutions using advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics.
  • Guarantee of continued availability of supplies: RINA can help companies in drafting alternative supply contingency plans to ensure production / delivery continuity.

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