Technology scouting and roadmapping

Analysis of technology scenario and research trends

RINA supports public bodies, industrial associations and investors in identifying targets and priorities for public and private funded technical developments.

In addition, we provide Technology Scouting and Technology Intelligence activities to large, medium and small sized enterprises, for the analysis of the technology scenario and research trends in industrial areas where they compete.

Service details

Technology scouting and intelligence activities are paramount to support large, medium and small sized enterprises in the decision making processes, to minimize innovation risks and enable the identification and evaluation of technological key factors, to influence future growth and competitiveness of the company business

Main benefits include the availability of a comprehensive review of development paths or solutions, which are evaluated against criteria and KPIs designed by you.

Industrial Road-mapping activities can be performed on average in 8-12 weeks, to guarantee quick decision making while promptly addressing risk areas or competing threads. Road-mapping for a large constituency of stakeholders or public bodies requires a more extensive consensus building approach, which we can manage with proprietary tools and methodologies for priority setting.


Road-mapping activities include:

Scouting and intelligence activities comprise:


Our buying drivers for this service line include:

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