Technical and economic feasibility studies

Evaluate and analyse the potential of a proposed project to aid decision making

Early project phases offer the best cost saving opportunities and make it easier to determine the success (or the failure) of an industrial plant, logistic terminal or civil infrastructure.

When the concept has been selected, a complete technical and economic feasibility study is carried out to further develop the concept itself. It addresses the critical items and a challenge posed, and defines the technical solutions to adopt.

At the feasibility study level, a shortlist of solutions are described in terms of technical feasibility, potential vendors, project development schedule, upfront investment and future operating cost.


RINA sets up a multidisciplinary team to carry out the feasibility study for all project aspects, The resulting solutions will aim at ensuring good commercial performances and smooth operations, and will be cost-to-benefit efficient and respond to your requirements and expectations.

For large industrial plants, requiring a FEED (Front End Engineering Design) level design – a step between the feasibility study and the final detailed design - one of the outputs of the study will be the development of a FEED package.

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