System Tests

Design and development of tests for Systems or Electronics Unit (UUT- Unit Under Test – UUT)

RINA Systems Test service consists in the design and development of tests for Systems or Electronics Unit  (UUT- Unit Under Test – UUT) in order to perform the First Article Integration ( Special To Test Equipment – STTE) or the Recurring Test of Production Units (Automatic Test Equipment – ATE ) before the shipment. 

Our equipment test provides the emulation of the external interfaces and the collection of the related outcomes.

In Production or Maintenance, the System Test supports the automatic execution of the Acceptance Test against the Units and the collection of the results (Passed/Fail) . 

In this way, companies which hold the UE Easy Access Rules for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification (Regulation (EU) No 748/2012) or EASA Part-21 can discover failure before the shipment or doing the troubleshooting of the unit as well.


The development life cycle of the System Test starts from the analysis of the requirements and is completed with the delivery of the product.

During the product development, the following quality and technical reviews may be applied:

Our System Test Engineering team provides our clients with all the required documentation according to the development phase: planning documents (Development Plan, Verification Plan, Qualification Plan...), quality  documentation (Quality Plan, Configuration Plan, Test Plan and Reports)  and technical documents (Software Development Files, Hardware Development Files Hardware Layout…)


We have gained the trust of our customers thanks to our competence and reliability, In fact, we provided companies leader in Aerospace and Defence such as Leonardo Company, Thales and Northrop with several system tests, achieving customer satisfaction and  full compliance with the established requirements and deadlines. 

Moreover, our internal capability of HW and SW design is very appreciated, as well as our development techniques which enhance clients’ competitiveness in terms of costs and delivery time. A remarkable track record and the deep knowledge of technologies and standards adopted in Aerospace and Defence characterize our service delivery as well. 


RINA System Engineering Team

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