Sustainability report audit

Communicate the commitment toward sustainable development

Sustainability Reports are a type of voluntary corporate communication, governance and comparison tool aimed at the relevant stakeholders.
With the adoption of a Sustainability Report, any organisation can achieve a number of important benefits that contribute to the creation of a positive image, both internally and externally, as well as improving management planning of the future of the organisation:

The Setting

Organisations can integrate business budget information, combining their economic performance with their social and environmental performance, demonstrating their ability to identify, communicate and enhance the foundations on which Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are based.
Since the data contained in the Sustainability Report must come from reliable and verifiable sources, it is more effective if tested by an independent company, which attests to both the end result and the process through which it is drawn up.

Audit Procedure

Following the audit, a statement of consistency and reliability of the data contained in the Sustainability Report is issued in relation to the declared commitments and the type of guidelines chosen.


Thanks to the many years of experience in the fields of certification and third-party audits on environmental and social issues, RINA is able to provide an external audit and assessment service on Sustainability Reports, for organisations of all types and sizes, prepared according to any type (GRI, AA1000, GBS, internal guidelines, etc.).


Why is it important to use a third party to audit the Sustainability Report?
The involvement of a third party avoids the risk that the document will be self-referential and will help to ensure the completeness and veracity of its content.



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