Submarine cable connection design

Planning procedures, grid interconnection studies and ampacity calculations

The global focus on environmental issues has led to an increasing demand for submarine cables. For example, the off-shore wind power industry is developing rapidly. Also Oil & Gas companies are replacing local generation on platforms with power feeding from the mainland.

The challenge for offshore wind energy transmission and operation includes offshore wind grid technologies, low-voltage-ride-through and dynamic voltage support.

Planning procedures, grid interconnection studies, ampacity calculations of medium and high-voltage submarine cables that connect offshore wind farms, are the services that support all stages of project development, from site identification and cable route planning to installation support and decommissioning services.



All submarine cable projects have their own special challenges. Whether it is the voltage, power rating, water depth, route length, installation or protection method that requires special attention, our know-how assures that the most efficient and optimized system is chosen.

The knowledge we have acquired from all of our worldwide submarine cable installation projects, makes us uniquely qualified to design and to transmission capacity needs, environmental issues and costs for installation and operation.

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