Structural integrity

Reliability evaluation of Oil & Gas components and systems

Oil and gas is a technology-driven sector due to the fact that the economically viable exploitation of fields located in very harsh environments and the demanding operating conditions necessitate new technological solutions.

Structural and functional component materials play a very important role in ensuring the long-term integrity of pipelines, marine structures, buildings, bridges, and petrochemical equipment.

RINA supports organisations in the reliability evaluation of oil and gas components and systems, by undertaking a sound structural integrity assessment.


Our structural integrity assessment offer is directed at both the E&P offshore and the transportation sectors of the oil and gas industry. It concerns the following topics

Focus on labs & facilities

Structural integrity assessment activities take advantage of our comprehensive expertise and full laboratory facilities, especially of our Full-scale Testing Laboratory, Mechanical Testing Laboratory, Microstructural Analysis Laboratory, Corrosion Laboratory and our metallurgy, simulation and modelling capabilities.

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