Structural analysis

Technical support to assess and evaluate the structure of damaged ships

Within the scope of Emergency Response Service, RINA provides technical support to owners and managing companies, in order to assess and evaluate the structure of ships in damaged condition.

Technical Focus

Dedicated structural analysts, trained and specialized in the use of the powerful in house developed software Leonardo 3D, a three dimensional finite elements program, are capable to assess critical structural condition related to incident and accident such as grounding, flooding, collision, explosion and to advise possible mitigating and temporary measures to ensure ship capability to sustain severe damage.
Hull girder strength, as well as local residual strength, are assessed by means of tailored fine mesh modelling.


Voluntary enrollment in the Technical Advisor Service allows receiving assistance in case of emergency, upon request of the Ship Master or the company representative. 24/7 availability through Primary Contact is granted by a dedicated mobile line.


Vital information on residual strength of the vessel and on its capability to sustain the damage suffered are evaluated rapidly and accurately.
Possible mitigating and safeguarding measures are also advised as deemed necessary as support to Master and Managing Company.


Is the 3D Model capable to reproduce the actual damage suffered by the ship?
The advanced modelling technique supported by Leonardo 3D software allows to reproduce quite accurately the real configuration of the vessel in damaged condition, according to the accuracy of information provided.

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