Steel metallurgy

Solution design, well-fitted to market needs

Carbon steels

Our knowledge and expertise granted our steel customers an active solution design, well-fitted to market needs.

Ultra-low and low carbon steels

We are active in the fields of hot and cold rolled, pickled, and annealed steel products and target the optimization and improvement of mechanical properties (i.e., grain size, yield point elongation, strain ageing, and so on) according to market needs.

High strength low alloy steels (HSLA)

Regarding HSLA applicable to the automotive sector, our expertise focuses on creating the microstructures that are best suitable to form and guarantee the products’ required performance.

HR (ferrite - bainite), Dual-phase (ferrite - martensite), TRIP (bainite - retained austenite) and TWIP (high MN, austenitic) steels

Our technical offer mainly encompasses such alloy design capabilities as:

High carbon steels

We have gained remarkable experience in metallurgical aspects of microstructures that affect the mechanical properties and geometrical features of High Carbon Steel flat products by working with, for example, products derived from the cooling patterns of hot rolling mill Run-out-Tables.

Microalloyed and low-alloyed steels

We have gained knowledge in this area while supporting the development of advanced metallurgical products for large diameter UOE welded and seamless pipes.

This expertise allows us to design microstructures that can govern the desired strength-toughness properties, as well as deal with the effects of chemical composition and Q&T practice on microstructure and steel strength-toughness balance.

Alloyed, low-alloyed and microalloyed steels

We develop low-alloyed steel metallurgy, applicable to such products as rails, hangers, cables, wires, bars and rods.

Stainless steels

Our expertise is aimed at designing better performing stainless steels, by improving the choice of chemical compositions, fabrication and transformation practices in accordance with the microstructures (i.e., austenitic, ferritic, austeno-ferritic, martensitic, PH, etc.) in order to enhance their application.

Electrical steels

Our capability covers all topics related to the design, fabrication and characterisation of electrical steels, but is also concerned with the technology of ferrites and magnetic glassy materials in all aspects related to their design, synthesis, mixing, pre-consolidation, near-net-shape geometries final sintering and magnetic characterisation.

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