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The carriage of life-saving appliances are made mandatory as per the SOLAS Convention

SOLAS LSA Maritime Training Course

The safety of people onboard is of paramount importance. Therefore, ships must carry appropriate life-saving appliances, including lifeboats, lifebuoys, life-jackets, liferafts and many others in case of emergency to protect their lives at sea.

The carriage of life-saving appliances are made mandatory as per the SOLAS Convention. Enroll to this course and learn the specific technical requirements for the manufacturing, testing, maintenance and record keeping of life-saving appliances as mentioned in the International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code.

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Duration: 1 day

Price: EUR 300,00 (plus VAT) per attendee.

To provide an overview of SOLAS Chapters and requirements, as well as a general description of the standard Life Saving Appliances.

- Introduction to the legal framework on safety

- Description of SOLAS Chapters and their applications

- Legal framework of Life-Saving Appliances

- Definitions and general requirements for Life-Saving Appliances

- Life-buoys and Life-jackets

- Immersion suits, Anti-exposure suits and Thermal protective aids

- Lifeboats, Life-rafts and rescue boats

- Rocket parachute flares

- Hand flares

- Buoyant smoke signals

- Launching and embarkation appliances

- Marine evacuation systems

- Line-throwing appliances

- General emergency alarm system

- Public address system

- IMO Symbols and Safety signs

A variety of professionals in the maritime industry, including maritime companies shore personnel and crew, naval architects and marine engineers, PSC officers and inspectors, that need to be aware of the SOLAS and LSA requirements and implementation.