An innovative Railway to Grid Management System

Giannicola Loriga

Giannicola Loriga
Head of RINA Project Technical Coordination

"In RINA, we have continuously the opportunity to see challenging ideas transformed in amazing R&D projects able to launch innovative solutions having a relevant impact of everyday life! It is a stimulating journey shared with inspired people and organizations"

Smart cities and communities

An integrated approach to develop innovative solutions for smart cities and communities

Building on its strong planning capabilities, RINA can boast an integrated approach, which combines multidisciplinary engineering capabilities with urban design, planning, landscaping and architecture. Accordingly, the company is involved in activities aimed at the sustainable requalification of whole city districts, the definition of sustainable urban mobility concepts, the masterplanning of waste management services fostering urban metabolism approaches.

Morever, RINA is engaged in innovation activities aimed at ‘closing the loop’ of product lifecycles through greater re-use and recycling of waste fractions such as construction and demolition waste and other fractions.

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An innovative Railway to Grid Management System


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