Ship Recycling Regulations | Online (live) marine training

Learn more about the IMO Hong Kong Convention, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)

Maritime Recycling Regulations

Ship Recycling Regulations lay down requirements that ships and recycling facilities have to fulfil to ensure environmental sound and safe ship recycling. Enrol in this course and familiarize yourself with the IMO Hong Kong Convention, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, and get practical assistance on how to develop and maintain the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).

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Duration: 2 days 

Price: EUR 500,00 (plus VAT) per attendee.

- Familiarization with IMO Hong Kong Convention for Safe and Environmentally sound recycling in conformity with EU Regulation 1257/2013

- Studying of the comprehensive preparation process of IHM desk preparations

- Differences between HKC and EU Regulation

- Sharing knowledge and experiences

- Provision of best practice methods

- Overview on HKC

- Preparation for IHM New ships

- Preparation for IHM for Existing ships

- Role of the surveyor

- Role of HAZMAT expert

- Certification & reporting

- HazMats:  Statistics  -  Training  -  Asbestos  -  Polychlorinated  Biphenyls  -  Ozone  depleting  substances  -  Organotin  Compounds (found in paint)

- Laws and Regulations: UN Regulations - EU-Regulations EU 1257/2013 - IMO Maritime Regulations - Position of EU - SOLAS - MARPOL - Convention - Hong Kong Convention - ISO 30000:2009

- Introduction to preparation of IHM: System of sampling - Detailed checkpoints - Rule for safe sampling - Transport of IHM samples - Type of samples - Methods - Lab - Calculation of results - Weight calculation - IHM examples

- Recycling FacilitiesƒAssessment of Recycling Facilities

- Ship Recycling Plan

Professionals, engineers, managers and executives that are (or going to be engaged) in the compliance activities with the European Ship Recycling Regulation (SRR) and the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) of IMO.
RINA Attendance Certificate.