Ship energy audit

Help ship owners to study the correct energy management

The first step to start a reliable process of energy saving and energy conservation on board is the evaluation made by a third party of the use of energy on board. The analysis should start involving all the process: from energy production to the distribution to the final use. On the basis of energy balance, considerations and suggestions on possible improvements are proposed to the customer. This is, in brief, an energy audit.


The target is to help ship owners study the correct energy management approach, focusing on energy production, conservation, distribution and utilisation.
The outcome of the study includes suggestions on:


Our deep knowledge of the ship allows us to carry out good energy audits.
Our team is in contact with many manufacturers of energy saving solutions and has the necessary expertise to evaluate which is the most appropriate solution in respect of the particular ship, trade, navigation and other specific customer needs.


May you provide additional service in the field of Energy audit?
Customers may benefit from a complete choice of services such as certification of the company Energy Management Systems in accordance with ISO 50001 or evaluation of the ship compliance with the Green Plus additional class notation advanced scheme.

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