Ship Classification and Statutory Certification | Online (live) marine training

The essential introduction knowledge for the international regulatory framework of shipping

Maritime Classification and Statutory Certification training course

This course includes the essential introduction knowledge for the international regulatory framework of shipping. Participants will be informed about the Classification Rules and the important international and regional statutory regulations. The class and statutory surveys and certification system will be presented, and the Port State Control inspection regime will be presented together with illustrative findings from these inspections. In the final practical part, examples of effective monitoring of the ship status will be discussed through the digital platform developed by RINA. 

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Date: 23rd & 24th March 2022

Duration: 10am to 4pm (CET)

Price: EUR 600,00 (plus VAT) per attendee

An introduction course for a basic knowledge concerning class rules and international and national statutory regulations (IACS, EU, SOLAS, MARPOL, ILLC, Codes, etc.), as well as the main maritime actors. The course provide an overview of the relevant class and statutory main surveys and of the PSC management.

System of Maritime Regulations:

- Classification Society

- International Organization (IMO, IACS, ILO...)

- Regional Organization (EMSA, USCG, EU Directive)

- Flag Authorities

- Industrial Organization (Intertanko,ISO, ICS, OCIMF, INTERCARGO, P&I...)


Classification Basic:

- Main International Conventions (SOLAS, ILLC’66, STCW, MARPOL, MLC 2006, COLREG...)

- Certificates: Interim, Full term, short term, conditional, exemption

- Ship class and statutory surveys system


Port State Control:

 - PSC Overview and procedures on board

- The main Port State Control memoranda (USCG, Paris MOU, Tokyo MOU)

- Initial (Overall), more detailed, expanded inspection

- Deficiencies, findings, grounds for detention, ISM related deficiencies

- PSC report (Form A and B) and relevant “action taken” codes - EQUASIS Database

- Preparation and follow up

Any maritime stakeholders that have to be informed and understand the ship classification and statutory certification, including professionals in the design, construction, management and operation of ships.