RINACube applications

A web-based platform capable of extracting value from your business data to optimize processes and asset performance

RINACube is designed to integrate data from various sources and is capable of machine-learning driven analytics to create unique business insights and help companies in taking decisions based on data evidence.

All of the RINACube applications are based on the digitization of physical assets to extract operating and performance data, with the aim of digitally providing traditional services but above all developing new ones.

Whatever the industry or size of your company, below you can find the RINACube application that best suits your needs.


Featured contents

Electronic Logbooks

A tool designed to replace paper logbooks and simplify your data record

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Ship Performance Monitoring System

A modular suite to continuously collect data from ship navigation and automation systems

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A user friendly interface for creating IMO/EU compliant vessel reporting forms

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Digital Twin

A unique model that contains all the info on asset's components and processes

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Kiber Helmet

A wearable device for remote and smart inspections for the Marine sector

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Condition Based Monitoring

Extract prognostic information from machines to indicate their actual wear and degradation

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Seismic Monitoring

A real time alert tool to face impacts of earthquakes on offshore structures

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Blockchain Smart Contract Verify

Validation service for smart contracts offered by a third-party certification company

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RINA Cube Chat With Expert

Chat With Expert

A technical forum that allows customers registered in Cube to chat with our experts

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