Marine applications

Our applications provide a wide range of free tools for steering your marine activities

Our applications can be used with the credentials assigned to you by RINA or registering for free in RINA registration page; some of these are available without any registration:

The marine applications allow you to access our public databases containing:

For specific services like technical software, chat with expert and Leonardo draw plus, please refer to your local RINA office for receiving authorization.

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Free applications

E-Certificates Validation

Verify the validity of your Electronic Certificate

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Leonardo INFO

Leonardo INFO provides authorised users to access ship status, reports, certificates and other documents generated by RINA Services S.p.A. with Leonardo SHIP. Among these clients there are ship owners, ship managers, Flag Administration, Port State Control Officers
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Marine Directory

RINA Marine Directory helps customers and partners to contact our offices worldwide. Wherever you go, keep in touch.

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Marine Product Certification

Marine Product Certification contains the list of certificates issued by RINA for type approved products, approved manufacturers of materials, Marine Equipment Directive and Pleasure Craft Directive

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Leonardo Service Supplier
Leonardo Service Supplier contains the list of companies certified in accordance with the RINA 'Rules for the Certification of Service Suppliers' which provide their services, such as measurements, tests or maintenance of safety systems and equipment, the results of which are used by surveyors in making decisions affecting classification or statutory certification and services
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Member Area Marine

Member Area Marine provides access to PSC and ESP survey documentation, technical software

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Register Book

The Register Book allows to view the list of units classed by the RINA Services S.p.A., detailing the most important technical data for each ship, updated every month

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Rules & Marine notice

Member Area Marine provides access to regulatory documentation such as RINA Rules and Circulars, RINA Marine Notices (MNOs) and the RINA publication IMO Conventions Codes and Amendments listing new IMO rules requirements coming in to force according to the ship type
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Leonardo Draw Plus

Leonardo Draw Plus is designed to manage the marine design appraisal. RINA Clients are allowed to submit digital drawings easily and to monitor the approval status and remarks of each submitted plan in real time

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Leonardo Test Plus
Leonardo Test Plus allows the RINA Customers to submit their request for testing and certification of products such as materials, components and equipment, with the related technical data. This tool allows the Customer to monitor the progress of the testing process relating to their requests and to download the RINA Test Certificate at the end of the process.
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Chat with Expert

A technical forum that allows customers to chat with RINA experts’ community on specific technical subjects. Access to the application is to be requested to your local RINA office

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Marine technical software

RINA provides to its Clients a set of free software for performing assessments according to rules (Leonardo propulsion, Leonardo Hull 2D/3D, Leonardo Hull 2D for yachts, Pleasure Craft EC Assessment, LoadMate, Fuel Changeover Calculation, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM), Leonardo Piping and Pressure Vessels
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Applications with fee

Kiber Helmet

A wearable device for remote and smart inspections for the Marine sector

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How to use our apps

How to use our apps

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