SERTICA Ship Management System

SERTICA Ship Management System optimizes the performance of your fleet


SERTICA is a comprehensive suite of digital solutions designed to revolutionize the way shipping companies manage their operations, ensuring streamlined efficiency, automation and top-notch performance. Trusted by over 2000 vessels across the globe, SERTICA stands as a cornerstone for fleet management in the shipping industry.

SERTICA brings you a user-friendly Planned Maintenance System that helps you manage, monitor, and log all your maintenance tasks, resulting in reduced downtime and improved efficiency.

SERTICA enables you to digitalize and automate your procurement processes and streamline your workflows in a Procurement System developed to fit the maritime industry. Exchange data between the main office and your vessels to ensure correct and timely delivery from your suppliers.

The Safety Management System enhances safety and quality across your organization with proper documentation. It ensures top conditions for your facilities and crew, offers complete traceability, and meets legal and company requirements.

In SERTICA, you can also manage crewing and certificate administration efficiently in the Crewing System. Additionally, it comes with essential tools for managing payroll and salary accounts.

The Ship Performance System helps you ensure safe and environmentally friendly operations. Minimize costs and improve performance by tracking and analyzing data. 

Moreover, SERTICA can assist you in collecting data to ensure regulatory compliance through the Electronic Logbook System. You can fully replace paper logbooks, ensuring streamlined reporting.

You can further enhance operational efficiency and compliance with the Vessel Reporting System. It covers all your reporting needs such as noon reporting as well as standard reports for EU MRV, IMO DCS, CII and Performance. 

SERTICA Fleet seamlessly integrates KPIs from multiple systems and displays them in a unified way. It provides you with a comprehensive view that supports you in making smart choices and improving your operational performance.

To sum up, SERTICA allows you to allocate your resources precisely where they're needed by selecting only the systems relevant to your fleet operations.

Shipping companies using SERTICA share a common goal: achieving top-tier performance and quality in ship management, regardless of their organization's size or their vessel and fleet scale.

We meet both the requirements from a single vessel operator and larger shipping companies managing vessels world-wide from multiple offices and subsidiaries. But to succeed with SERTICA, you must be committed to high quality and documentation. In addition, the right amount of resources must be allocated.

SERTICA is initially offered as a standard product, with the option for customers to purchase additional modules to tailor it to their specific needs.

Customer feedback is highly valued in our approach. To ensure that our users' voices are heard and their requirements met, we regularly conduct surveys, known as "Customer Voice," where customers have the opportunity to participate and vote for features they would like to see incorporated in the next version of SERTICA. This collaborative approach ensures that SERTICA evolves to meet the specific needs and preferences of our valued users.

Yes. SERTICA includes a web-based supplier portal called as SERTICA Connect. This platform simplifies the exchange of both technical and commercial data with external entities, making collaboration more efficient and straightforward.

If you have any problems or inquiries, help is never more than an email or a phone call away. Issues are handled immediately by software experts, who know the solution and who can offer the very best guidance. We also offer consulting, training courses, and daily customer support from the people who have developed the system. Contact our support team.


In today's complex world of Fleet Ship Management, the shipping industry juggles numerous systems and intricate processes. This multi-system approach consumes time and heightens the risk of errors along the way. Here's where SERTICA steps in: we provide one comprehensive system that meets all your requirements.

But SERTICA isn't just about software; it's a holistic solution complemented by ongoing consultancy from industry experts who intimately understand the maritime sector. We believe in collaboration and partnership because we know that the right support can make all the difference.

We go the extra mile by tailoring each solution to align perfectly with your specific needs and KPIs. Our commitment extends to assisting with implementation, ensuring a swift and hassle-free transition.

We offer a full suite of services, including IT installation, data migration, structured data management, comprehensive training, ongoing guidance, customer success management, seamless integration with third-party systems, and, of course, daily customer support from the very minds behind the system's development. With SERTICA, you not only get a powerful software solution but also a dedicated partner invested in your success.


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