SERTICA Shipping ERP provides a technical overview of your entire fleet


SERTICA is a Shipping ERP system used onboard more than 1400 vessels world-wide.

It streamlines internal processes with focus on maintenance, procurement, HSQE and crewing and it allows to achieve:

Moreover, SERTICA reduces operational costs across the fleet through streamlined and digitalized workflows. 

The solution is a windows-based platform on Microsoft SQL server and integrated with ERP-systems and other third party systems. 

SERTICA by RINA offers a flexible solution with a wide range of modules, which you can combine to match your fleet’s specific needs. 

Its modules to manage, monitor and document maintenance activities include: 

- Dry Dock 
- Document Management 
- Forms 
- Inventory Control 
- Job List 
- Master Data Management 
- Analytics & Dashboards

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SERTICA includes s a centralized procurement and logistics solution for the main office that allows you to control all procurement.  

In particular, it allows to manage the entire procurement process electronically and eases communication between vessel and office, ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent data.  

Moreover, the Shipping ERP system shows the current procurement status, which streamlines and eases the workflow. 

Modules to manage procurement include: 

- SERTICA Connect 
- Invoice Management 
- Logistics & Shipment 
- Inventory Management 
- Budget 
- Supplier Qualifications 
- Analytics & Dashboards 


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SERTICA supports quality and safety throughout the entire organization. The system helps you keep your fleet in total compliance with official rules and regulations, which means less detained ships and more efficient workflows. 

Thanks to its flexible modular structure, SERTICA allows you to tailor a solution that matches the needs of your HSQE department throuth the following modules:

- Activity Management 
- Certificate 
- Items Certificate (IHM) 
- Event Reporting 
- Inspections & Audits 
- Management Systems 
- Vetting 
- Risk Assessment 
- Analytics & Dashboards 


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Crew Management is vital for shipping companies to perform as fast as possible with only the manpower necessary. We can support you with this process allowing you to manage all the data of your seafarers in one system. 

Optimize ship operations and crew deployment with SERTICA Payroll and Crew Management Software is possible thanks to the following modules:

- Crew Management 
- Payroll Administration


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Shipping ERP & Mobile Apps

SERTICA applications

SERTICA allows you to manage a range of tasks through your mobile device. The apps give you access to carefully selected areas of SERTICA, even without internet connection – you only need your smart phone or tablet. 

With the SERTICA app you can create and finalize maintenance-related jobs and forms. You can easily update jobs in the app and stay up to date on current and finalized jobs and forms:

- the Stock app enables you to optimize stock management. Stock control is conducted easier than ever before since you can do inventory and adjust the stock level from your phone or tablet.

- the Approval app shows a list of items that need your approval. This could be purchase orders, invoices, jobs and event postponements or forms. 

- the Inspection app ensures very flexible planning with the possibility of reusing jobs for future inspections and thereby minimizing the time spent on planning.  

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