Security throughout the supply chain

ISO 28000 certification

The service is aimed at companies of all sizes and sectors, from production to services, from logistics to transportation, and covers every stage of production or supply, including distribution.
The ISO 28000 certification aims to:

Regulatory Focus

The main international rules governing security in the supply chain are:

Container Security Initiative (CSI), a US standard for controlling the content of goods loaded in containers.


RINA, with its strong multi-annual experience in the maritime transport sector, assists supply chain operators in the proper management of enterprise security.


Can I use the concessions provided to Authorised Economic Operators?
The ISO 28000 certification is one of the elements that allow the operator to demonstrate the adoption of a system of protection of goods managed by intentional illicit acts. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a Full Authorisation as an Authorised Economic Operator, with important benefits for speeding up customs operations.


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