Safety and Environmental Consultancy

Delivering independent, well informed advice across aviation, maritime and land operating areas, both civil and military

RINA offers their clients an effective and broad skillset in safety and environmental control across aviation, maritime and land operating areas, both civil and military.   

We have experience in delivering the specific needs of our clients, either directly as advisors or in an independent assurance role.

Our consultants do not offer a standard product or solution but will work closely with the client to tailor safety management systems, inform safety decision makers, draft safety cases, provide guidance on regulation and certification, or assist in the delivery of safety transformation programmes at all stages of the procurement and operating cycles.   

A full consultancy service would see the development safety culture reviews, progress your organisation up the Parker Hudson staircase safety maturity model, improve safety reporting at all levels, develop safety investigative and safety intelligence (lead indicator exploitation) capabilities and provide organisational safety mentoring. 

Our service can be project length or full time, with the benefit independent safety assurance gives to the confidence of your senior management to meet their obligations, your regulators and the public.


Additional services

Safety assurance is normally carried out by auditing at 3 levels, with Regulators adding an extra level of assurance.  1st level assurance is normally carried out by the section or department’s own auditors, under the control of a Quality Assurance Cell as part of their Quality Management System.  2nd Party Auditing is normally carried out by auditors from outside the section or department but within the larger organisation.  3rd party auditing is normally carried out by external auditors, and their reports will often be used by a regulator to determine their own requirements for intervention or audit.  

 A SMS is the method by which an organisation will manage safety through structures, orders, meetings and reports to higher bodies and Duty Holders.  A QMS is the method by which others check to confirm that the SMS processes are being followed.  

RINA Safety and Environmental Consultancy Team

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