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RINA Rules

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RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.

  1. These publications are only available in Italian
  2. Bilingual edition (Italian / English)
  3. The 1973 edition is still in force for life saving appliances not subject to the provisions of SOLAS 1974/83
  4. These publications are only available in English
  5. The 1996 edition is still in force for life saving appliances not subject to the provisions of the European Directive 96/98/EC as amended (Marine Equipment Directive)
  6. Publications with this note are available, subject to registration in the Marine Member Area at the following link https://cube.rina.org/ (registration is free)


Leonardo Hull

The product includes:

  • Three dimensional FEM analysis Software package for the structural analysis of a ship by means of FEM direct calculations. A dedicated modeller and post-processor with RINA Rules load definition and checks for yielding, buckling, fatigue is included
  • Section and bulkhead scantlings Software package to check ship transverse sections and bulkheads, including fatigue and ultimate strength checks of structural details
  • Bulk carrier safety An easy tool for the structural assessment of bulk carriers according to the SOLAS and IACS requirements


Leonardo Propulsion

The product includes:

  • Shaftline Calculation of torsional vibrations for propulsion or generation plants, including RINA Rule check
  • Crankshaft Check of crankshaft according to RINA Rules
  • Propeller Software package to check of propeller according to RINA Rules
  • Shrink-fit Generalized shrink and force fitting calculations in accordance to RINA Rules


Leonardo Hull 2D - Charter Yachts

The product includes:

  • LH2D-CHY a structural check tool for Charter Yachts built in steel or aluminium


Pleasure Craft EC Assessment

The product includes:

  • CE-STAB for stability assessment tool - according to ISO 12217-1/2/3
  • CE-STAB-I for inclining experiment tool
  • CE-STAB-M for meteorological criterion tool
  • CE-STAB-S for wind stiffness verification tool
  • STR-DIP for structural check tool for hulls in composite material, steel and aluminium alloy
  • SCW for small craft windows assessment tool - according to ISO 12216


and the following check lists as well:

  • Fire Protection - ISO 9094 - 1
  • Fire Protection - ISO 9094 - 2
  • Bilge Pumping System - ISO 15083
  • Toilet Waste Retention System - ISO 8099
  • Permanently Installed Fuel System - ISO 10088
  • Liquified Petroleum GAS (LPG) System - ISO 10239
  • Man Overboard and Recovery - ISO 15085


Leonardo piping and pressure vessels

The product includes:

  • Boiler and pressure vessels - according to RINA Rules
  • Hydraulic oil cylinder - according to RINA Rules


Register Book (4)



Rules for the classification of ships


Rules for the classification of naval ships


Rules for special ships and units


Rules for the application of governmental rules


- GUI. 2/E Guide for welding (4)(6)

- GUI. 3 Guide to perform the failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) for high speed craft (HSC) (2)(6)

- GUI. 4 Guide for the ship condition assessment programme (CAP) (2)(6)

- GUI. 6 Guide for the selection, application and maintenance of corrosion prevention systems of ships’ ballast tanks (2)(6)

- GUI. 8 Guide for the hull structures reassessment of in service ships (2)(6)

- GUI. 9/E Guide for the structural design of oil tankers (4)(6)

- GUI. 10 Guide for the Ship Environmental Rating Assessment - Green Rating (ERA) (2)(6)

- GUI. 10 Guida per la valutazione dell’impatto ambientale delle navi - Green Rating (ERA) (2)(6)

- GUI. 11/E Guide for the design and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers (4)(6)

- GUI. 12/E Guide for the Ship Condition Assessment Program (CAP) for bulk carriers (4)(6)

- GUI. 13/E Guide for the application of the condition based maintenance within the Planned Maintenance Scheme (4)(6)

- GUI. 14/E Guide for the Yacht Condition Assessment Program (Yacht CAP) (4)(6)

- GUI. 15/E Guide for risk analyses (4)(6)

- GUI. 16/E Guide for the Technology Qualification Processes (4)(6)

- GUI. 17/E Guide on software acceptance in marine application (4)(6)

- GUI. 18/E Guide for the Ship Condition Assessment Program (CAP) for Pipe Laying Ships (4)(6)

- GUI. 19/E Guide for approval in principle of novel technologies (4)(6)

- GUI. 20/E Guide on complete ship model calculation of Passenger Ships (4)(6)

- GUI. 41 Guide for the Certification of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Installations


Quality MS


Environmental MS


Health and safety MS


Information technologies


Corporate social responsibility


Best 4


Other systems



CE Marking


Building material


Environmental products


Forest management


Other products


Marine Products, System and others


NDT personnel


Welders and welding personnel


Certification of operators and companies involved in the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases