Risk analysis

Identify, manage and control the risks of any activity

Risk analysis is a systematic process, aimed at estimating the main risks inherent in any activity, and suggesting the necessary countermeasures in terms of elimination, reduction, transfer and control of them. Risk analysis is so flexible as to be applied to any activity on a voluntary basis; moreover, it is often required by legislation in force.

Service Details


The risk analysis service will be provided by a team composed by risk analysis experts and other specialists, who represent the necessary expertise according to the problem under study. Methodology, required information and documentation delivery will be specifically agreed with the customer.


RINA can help partners, through its considerable expertise in the main topics related to risk analysis, to apply it in the following sectors:

We can also be contacted for applications of risk analysis in miscellaneous activities.


When do I need a risk analysis?
You should carry out a risk analysis before operational and/or design activities having the potential of harming people, environment or assets, or to demonstrate that a new design or practice is equivalent, in terms of safety and economics, to more traditional solutions.

What should my risk analysis cover?
The scope of the analysis will be agreed up front according to the Client’s needs and legal obligations.

Do I need to be involved in the risk analysis process?
Yes. Generally the team should include the stakeholders, to keep the study as holistic as possible.

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