Review of technical specifications

Reduce the business risk for new buildings, conversions and retrofits

Continuous market changing, stricter environmental and safe requirements and fuel price increasing are leading to new proposals. Not all design solutions are the best solution for the specific ship type and intended trade.
Review of the technical specifications relevant to new building, conversions and retrofits is a way to reduce the business risk.

Service details

A multi-disciplinary team will be instituted from time to time for the review of technical specifications. The reason the composition of the team changes is that every specification requires different competence.
Targets of our specification review are various:

  • compliance with international, national, class and flag requirements
  • support in the choice of additional class notation for adding value to the specific ship
  • analysis of the ship performance as declared in the specification in terms of ship efficiency and fuel consumption
  • check that the proposed solutions are among the best in respect of the ship type.



Ultra-centenary knowledge of shipping field, constant attendance to IMO meeting, worldwide presence and great attention to innovation are RINAs’ distinctive characteristics.
This makes us a good partner in reviewing with competence any marine related technical specifications.

Marine Technical Services Marine

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