International Railway Industry Standard

IRIS quality certification

The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is based on the ISO 9001 standard and is tailored to the requirements of the international rail industry.
IRIS certification ensures uniformity of language and guidelines for evaluation, as well as mutual acceptance of audits, ensuring a high level of transparency across the supply chain.
IRIS is applicable to companies engaged in the manufacture and/or design and/or maintenance of rolling stock and signalling systems: equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, operators or business partners.

Legal Framework

IRIS has been developed by the European Railways Association (UNIFE) with the aim of becoming a commonly recognised system for assessing the quality of rolling stock suppliers and related equipment and components, internationally recognised.
For sales in Europe, IRIS certification is mandatory.

Certification Procedure


RINA is an international certification company approved by UNIFE (Union of European Railways Industries)


Are there legal issues (closed market)?

All issues related to antitrust and market competition were examined during the development phase of the IRIS initiative.


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