Inspection of lifting appliances

Verifications for maintaining the safety and security of the workers who use them

Initial and periodic inspections of hoisting devices comply with the legal requirement provided by the Italian Consolidated Safety Act (Testo Unico Sicurezza).The hoisting equipment to be checked includes: self-propelled trolleys with telescopic arms, self-lifting work platforms on columns, lifts and hoisting yards with vertical cabin/platform.

Legal Framework

The main legal references for this service are:

Audit Procedure


Since 2012, RINA has been a Qualified Entity authorised by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to carry out audits and of the equipment listed in Annex VII of Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/08.
We have been operating for over 20 years as Notified Body for the Machinery Directive, with particular experience in hoisting equipment with a vertical drop rating of more than 3m.
We are Notified and Certified both for the certification of such machines and for the certification of the Manufacturing Management System of these products.
Since 1999, we have been certified and accredited for the Elevators Directive, certifying products, certifying installer management systems, performing periodic and extraordinary inspection visits under the relevant Italian decrees. 162/99.
UNMIG authorises our collaboration in the design, construction and testing of hoisting devices installed at offshore units
We also certify the lifting arrangements placed on board ships to comply with the provisions issued by the Italian Administration and in application of the ILO Convention.


How to apply for the first test after commissioning?
The application must be submitted to INAIL using the form on the INAIL site. If you do not receive a reply from INAIL, after 45 days you can contact one of the Qualified Entities. For periodic reviews after the first, the request can be submitted directly to our team.

In the absence of a response from INAIL, can I request the first verification by a Qualified Entity even if no ISPESL/INAIL enrolment number has been issued?
Before submitting your request, you must ask the INAIL to issue your enrolment number.

How to proceed for non-CE marked machines or those which have not yet had the first periodic check?
For such machines, the competence for the first verification remains exclusively with INAIL. Subsequent checks may be required from the Qualified Entity.

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