Traceability and sustainable use of forest materials

PEFC – CoC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification – Chain of Custody) is a voluntary certification to ensure the origin and traceability of products from sustainable forest management.
This certification applies to all forestry transformers who want to guarantee the origin of their raw material: sawdust, building and carpentry, packaging and pallets, panels, trade and distributors of timber, paper and transformers, editors and printers, furniture and furnishings, stationery, non-wood forest products.
Thanks to the PEFC certificate and through the chain of custody, consumers can identify products from the forests managed in a sustainable way.
Certified organisations also have the opportunity to participate in public bids where PEFC certifications are required, as well as minimise the due diligence risk required by the EU Timber Regulation (No 995/2010).

Certification Procedure


RINA is accredited by ACCREDIA to issue PEFC-CoC certification.


Once you have obtained a PEFC-COC certificated, can you label any company product?

Only those falling within the scope of certification may be labelled.

Can PEFC-COC certification be considered exhaustive for a company that is set up as an operator for compliance with EU TR 995/2010?
Currently, the European Union has not recognised any forestry standards as a guarantor of compliance with the Regulation, so certification is a risk-mitigation element within the due diligence system but does not dispense with its implementation.


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