BRC Packaging and packaging materials

BRC Packaging Materials safety and hygiene certification

BRC Packaging Materials is a standard for the hygienic and sanitary safety of food packaging and all materials that come into contact with food, consumer products, as well as secondary and tertiary packaging for all uses.
Key benefits:

Regulatory Focus

RINA issues the BRC Packaging Materials compliance certification, which integrates the management system for the production of food packaging, requiring the adoption of a formal risk analysis system (HACCP) and the control of the production environment, processes, products, and staff.
BRC Packaging is developed by the British Retail Consortium with the support of the Institute of Packaging and the associations representing food packaging manufacturers, on the basis of Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006.

Certification Procedure


RINA has gained extensive expertise in the agri-food industry, over the years gaining the reputation of a reliable partner for the companies seeking to gain access to the most important European markets, where the BRC Packaging Materials standard is one of the most important criteria for the selection of packaging suppliers.


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