Owner’s / lenders’ engineering

Process management, project design, technical drawings, commercial and technical advice, risk assessment, construction monitoring

Owner’s engineering

We understand the challenges of developing and constructing a renewable energy project; maximising return on investment whilst reducing all project risks to a minimum. We recognise the need for a flexible approach to work that supports the owner in finding the right balance between speed of execution, technical precision, room to manoeuvre in contractual negotiations, and overall cost. An inherent advantage is gained through engaging us in your project development process since, in addition to managing the planning process, we also undertake the design of a project and produce all the necessary technical drawings required for planning.

Lenders’ engineering

We assist project financiers in achieving financial close or commercial operation. We provide detailed commercial and technical advice to critically appraise projects prior to and during construction, or to assess the status of existing operational assets. We understand the importance of qualifying and quantifying risk in collaboration with legal advisors, as well as facilitating risk mitigation with the sponsor and their advisors prior to an investment decision. The work is often followed by a post-financial close phase where we monitor construction and handover to operation on behalf of the lender.

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