Owner engineering

Support in the management and control of any type of power project

A full suite of development services is required to achieve planning approval and a grid connection offer for power generation projects, to the point where a project can be considered viable for contract tendering and achieve a bankable status.

Acting as Owner’s Engineer - under formal appointment to the project -, means providing project management capabilities, ranging from a simple onsite construction supervision role to full responsibility for contact administration or engagement with all stakeholders.

Service details



RINA can assist clients by providing tailored service packages to meet their specific requirements and offer support from the initial feasibility to decommissioning - supporting the progression of a project all the way through feasibility, development, construction and operational phases.

Our services aim at meeting project requirements in a timely and efficient manner, considering technical, economic, financial and environmental aspects. Our project control services support customers during the complex management of the construction phase.

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