Operational assurance and predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is performed in order to avoid any failures in critical components of production systems

This service is based on the identification of one or more service parameters that are measured and predicted over time using appropriate mathematical models. The key point is to predict the residual lifetime of one or more components before they fail in an irreparable way, causing the system to which they belong to stop completely.

For this purpose RINA uses the most common detection methods: vibration measurement, thermography and absorbed current analysis.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Service details

The detection of an unexpected change in the expected value of the parameters under control, indicates the start of a continuous degradation condition. Based on a specific model, we can predict the residual useful life of the component in question before the occurrence of a catastrophic failure. With the availability of enabling technologies, and in particular intelligent built-in sensors, integrated predictive maintenance has become one of the main applications of Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the presence of built-in sensors that send data to more sophisticated forecasting models, the need to stop can now be decided by the machine itself. Large infrastructure, both civil and industrial, can be subject to predictive maintenance, for example with monitoring drones. Intelligent “flying” sensors are able to detect abnormal corrosion conditions, gas leaks, cracks in progress, and call for human intervention in real time.


Typically we apply a multistep approach based on:


Our approach is based on a tailored mix of our strong technical experience in processes, in materials and in automation, together with sensors, models and the customer’s know-how, experience and real needs. We have a wide range of laboratories available, from nano to full scale, to target your problem. Our wide technical background, including mathematical models, sensors, drones, etc., is based on many years of field experience world-wide.


Can you give examples of applications?
Yes, during the years we have supplied several sensors, both physical and virtual, together with software platforms and tools in Italy, Europe and the Americas.

Why does monitoring the wear of a critical component have such a big economic impact?
The wear of a critical component brings you to three questions:

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