Onboard Biosafety Management | Marine training course

Learn how to manage biohazards onboard

Biosafety Onboard maritime training course

The COVID-19 has transformed the world of work. Safe and healthy living and working conditions are even more fundamental and further actions should be taken to assure a safe voyage onboard. Enrol this course and learn how to manage biohazards onboard. The applicable rules and standards for living and working conditions onboard are presented and biohazards onboard are identified with a focus on the case of passenger and cruise ships. The course informs on RINA’s new Biosafety Trust Certification, an innovative framework for management systems to prevent and control the spread of infections.

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Online course

Duration: 1 day 

Price: EUR 300 (plus VAT, if applicable)

Physical classroom at Greece's facilities

Duration: 1 day

Price: EUR 330 (plus VAT, if applicable)

The course aims to upgrade your ship’s operating model and ensure your asset’s performance in regards with biosafety onboard. Participants will receive an overview and understanding of the new procedures to be implemented by shipowners, operators and shipyards which can be leveraged to assist them in setting up and integrating the management systems as well as in putting in place relevant procedures to control biosafety risks and minimise the infection threat.
- Health and Safety in Maritime Industry
- Occupational health & safety management systems
- Biohazards in maritime working environment
- Covid-19 and Maritime Industry
- Safe working during Covid-19
- COVID-19 in Passenger/Cruise ships
- Biosafe Ship
- Biosafety Trust Certification
Shore personnel and crew.
RINA Attendance Certificate.