Offshore lifting operations

Installation, removal or decommissioning of platforms and facilities

The technical and environmental challenges associated to offshore lifting operations require the involvement of third independent parties, during design and execution, to verify the compliance with international standards and to guarantee a tolerable level of risk.

The service is in general related to offshore lifting operations for the installation or the removal and/or decommissioning of:

Regulatory focus

Through a team of specialized marine surveyors, structural engineers and specialists with long experience in offshore operations, RINA may play the role of Third Party Authority or Marine Warranty Surveyor. The reference codes and standards are defined for each specific project and include the rules developed by RINA or other international recognized bodies.


RINA scope of work usually includes:

Before the operation, RINA issues a formal Approval of manuals and procedures aimed at confirming their compliance with the project standards (RINA Rules or other applicable international standards).

After the site survey and before the lift, RINA issues a Statement attesting that the operation preparation and the selection or fabrication of dedicated equipment/components are satisfactory and in compliance with the approved documents.

Upon successful execution of the lift, RINA issues a "Certificate of Conformity" stating that the planning and execution of the lift has been performed in compliance with the project standards and the approved procedures.


RINA is regularly involved in the verification and certification of offshore projects, especially as regards design, construction and installation activities, where we can provide a long list of references acquired in the last three decades.

RINA is recognized by National Maritime Authorities as technical body supporting them for the issue of the authorizations they are competent for.

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