Digital certification of product carbon neutrality

Increase the value of your products by demonstrating their carbon neutrality

With the aim of achieving the Paris agreement goals, this new service makes it possible to enhance the value of products, by demonstrating their carbon neutrality directly to the customer who buys them.

To face this new challenge, we have empowered the traditional verification activities, carried out by a qualified audit team, with a digital platform to track and verify the evidences required for the issuance of a verification opinion about the carbon neutrality of the product delivered to the final customer. 

The service, moreover, merges a systemic approach, similar to the one of ISO 9001, with a product approach, e.g., to quantify the CO2 and for the issuance of a verification opinion of product carbon neutrality.

This new digital approach consents to organizations to obtain a quick ROI and to increase their strategic positioning regarding environment sustainability.

The service added value 

The service makes it possible for companies to adopt a “systemic” approach to carbon neutrality, identifying a roadmap for the achievement of carbon neutrality and also:

- It improves the value and sustainability of your product and the positioning of your organization
- It is a third- party warranty, green washing-proof, in according to the new UE approach 
- It strengthens the sustainability report of the Organization

Characteristics of the service

- Makes it possible a programmable investment and an efficient use of carbon credit
Entire scalability: it guarantees the carbon neutrality of the entire production and/or single product delivered, according to the clients’ need
- Issuance of real-time digital certificates

The service takes place in 5 phases:

1. Measure: verification on how much CO2 is emitted to produce a determined product line in a determined plant;
2. Offset: verification on carbon credits purchased and cancelled to neutralize unabated greenhouse gas emissions; 
3. Communicate: verification opinions about the carbon footprint of products purchased by customers and how they have become carbon neutral;
4. Track: The client adopts a system of digital traceability of production activities and delivery through which required evidences are collected and verified;
5. Improve: it is verified the systemic approach to achieve the carbon neutrality goals.

Each phase includes the release of verification opinion, as well as the certification of carbon neutrality management system "GO 2 CARB0N NEUTRAL". 

The service merges the traditional verification activities made on site by auditor with a new approach for the collection of and for production and delivery data traceability.

The service also includes periodic inspections carried out by the audit team to verify the maintenance of requirements; these activities are carried out partially through automated verification systems.

The digital platform

RINA developed an innovative digital platform, that supports the whole verification process. This solution is distributed in Cloud-as-a-service (SaaS) mode and it is hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The platform can receive data streams directly from informative systems used to manage the production and delivery activities. 

Data received are analysed in real-time and secured with the aim of guaranteeing integrity and immutability. Thanks to the platform, it is also possible to obtain certificates and verification opinions in real-time to be shared with interested stakeholder. 

The digital platform can be adapted to the clients’ specific needs, e.g., by implementing different data sending modalities or customizing the experience of the final customer; moreover, RINA invests in continuous improvement of the platform to bring benefits to all the clients and users.

Our digital solutions include a dedicated service and support team.

Digital certification: the new dimension of the assurance RINA

Safe and anti-tampering
It can be branded
It can be shared digitally and applicable to products, documents and other media
It can be linked to a web page, public or private
It guarantees the dynamicity of information


Data integrity warranty

All the certificates issued by the platform are interconnected, just like a block chain.

Thanks to this we can guarantee:

- Entire traceability of activities made in the platform
- Easiness of data truthfulness, with no need of technical skills
- Trustworthiness of data


Our experts answer the most frequently questions

Carbon neutrality is the condition in which, condition in which during a specified period there has been no net emission of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere as a result of the greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals associated with the subject and which can include offsetting measures satisfying determined criteria.

A carbon credit is a tradeable certificate representing one tonne of CO2e from GHG emission reductions or GHG removal enhancements.

Organizations can use carbon credits both to offset their own emissions and to provide offsetted products/services to their clients/consumers.

Offsetting is the counterbalancing of unabated GHG emissions including residual GHG emissions, by retiring or cancelling a carbon credit(s) in a public registry.

Organizations can demonstrate their contribution to the accomplishment of carbon neutrality, thanks a third-party, through:

ex ante validation of their commitment and of their carbon neutrality management plan made by a third-party
and through an ex-post verification of the progresses achieved according to the plan. 

When Organizations adopt a systemic approach, we talk about Certification of carbon neutrality management system.