Consulting services for nature-based solutions

From feasibility studies to Environmental Product Declaration for NBS technologies

NBS can guarantee a wide range of advantages compared to traditional solutions in many applications, facilitating the permitting process, the social acceptance and last, but not least, a proved effectiveness where mimicking the natural processes can mitigate natural risks

In addition, nowadays several countries are implementing funds to promote the application of sustainable solutions (e.g. Italian PNRR) that are in line with the NBSs. 

Brand reputation and social responsibility are an additional benefit for private clients. 

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RINA has a wide range of expertise that can be combined at different levels and at different assets in order to support the client from strategic evaluation to actual implementation of the NBSs for the following fields: 

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Restoration of the natural ecosystem and biodiversity; Sustainable management of the land, the water cycle and the natural resources; social benefits – involvement of local workforce; use of low invasive instruments (lowered impact of the construction site); social benefits related to the increased attractiveness of the landscape thanks to the re-naturalization; increased urban resilience; lowered urban heat island; enhancement of air quality and citizens quality of life and well-being; reduced necessity of mitigation measures such as detention basins. 

Nature-based solution can be cost effective in several ways for specific applications. 

Time saving for instance is a key factor when a permitting process and environmental assessment are involved.  The social acceptance is definitely improved by the use of NBSs compared to traditional solutions speeding up the process and reducing costs (e.g. compensation measures). 

Looking at the entire lifecycle of the soulution where the conditions allow to effectively replicate the natural behavior the maintenance costs could be reduced and the lifespan extended offering a better LCC performance compared to traditional solutions.

The actual effectiveness of NBS depends on several factors such as the already existing built enviroment and the kind of risk to be tackled. When mimicking natural behavior is possible  the selection of an NBS could be often the best solution. In addition also hybrid solutions can be considered where the sole application of the NBSs is not capable of mitigating all the risks or some specific level of risk. 

Fabrizio Tavaroli