MSC - Sustainable and certified fishing

The evolution of seafaring towards sustainable fisheries

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification is a tool to facilitate the evolution of seafaring and related industries towards sustainable fishing, in order to:

Service Details

The Marine Stewardship Council certification consists of two independent standards:

Certification Procedure

The certificate release processes for the two standards are performed with the assistance of qualified auditors and fish industry professionals (biologists, veterinarians, fishermen experts, and regulators), and include the following steps:

MSC Fishery Standard:

MSC Chain of Custody Standard:


RINA, with its reliable experience in the certification of fish products, is accredited for the MSC Chain of Custody standard, aimed at the chain of custody that ensures the traceability of certified fish.
Our extensive experience is demonstrated by the significant certification projects, such as Argentinian anchovy processing in Morocco, as well as numerous enterprise training and management projects in the fisheries sector for the regional administrations of Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia.


What is the credibility level of MSC certification?
MSC certification is based on the most acclaimed environmental sustainability codes: FAO codes for sustainable fishing and ecolabelling; ISEAL code; WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement.

What is the impact on the community?
The MSC programme seeks to involve all the stakeholders. Therefore, obtaining this certification will be a publicly appreciated and announced success.


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