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All the main requirements and application of MLC 2006

MLC 2006 Training COurse

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) which was adopted by the International Labour Organization and came into force on August 2013, provides a broad perspective to the seafarer’s working and living conditions onboard. Enroll in this course and be informed about the main requirements and application of MLC 2006.  A practical approach is employed with specific examples for the proper implementation and enforcement of the responsibilities imposed to ship operators.

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Online course

Duration: 2 days

Price: EUR 600 (plus VAT, if applicable)

Physical classroom at Greece's facilities

Duration: 2 days

Price: EUR 650 (plus VAT, if applicable)

To enable participants to have an in-depth understanding of the Maritime Labour Convention and of its implication on the design of the ship, working and leaving condition of the crew. To understand the requirements of the MLC 2006, the methods for the implementation of requirements and to be prepared for inspection and certification.

- Convention structure and comparison with previous conventions: understanding the requirements of the MLC 2006

- Role of Administrations and Recognised Organisations

- Methods for the implementation of requirements

- Inspection and Certification process organisation

- Preparation of “Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II”

- Being prepared for inspection and certification

A variety of professionals in the maritime industry, including maritime companies shore personnel and crew, naval architects and marine engineers, PSC officers and inspectors, that need to be aware of the MLC requirements and implementation.

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