MLC design

Additional class notation of standards for labour on ships

MLC Design is an additional class notation specifically tailored to the construction and layout and mainly addressed to those ships not flying a MLC Party flag.

Regulatory Focus

The additional class notation has been developed by RINA in compliance with the new ILO convention - Title 3 Reg.3.1, which sets new and upgraded standards for accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering.


Our team assesses the ship’s drawings in order to ascertain that they comply with the new requirements regarding general arrangements and dimensions of cabins and other accommodation paces, heating, ventilation, sanitary facilities, lighting and hospital accommodation.
In the event that a ship undergoes a major conversion, MLCDESIGN will be withdrawn and a new plan approval and inspection will be carried out in order to issue the new additional class notation.
We can assess the ship’s plans before building to ensure that all the requirements for space, ventilation, lighting and sanitary conditions are met.

Giorgio De Sciora Sector Manager, Passenger Ships

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