Metocean and coastal engineering

Our metocean team has extensive experience in offshore, waterfront and coastal engineering, to support clients throughout all phases of marine projects

Metocean studies are one of the most important basic items for design, in offshore, coastal and marine engineering.

A good understanding of metocean conditions helps address design choices and make the best cost-effective solution. A proper definition of the metocean conditions allows a good planning of the offshore operations, minimizing any waste of time and uncertainty in the engineering specifications.

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Metocean studies

RINA team processes, validates and analyzes metocean data. The resulting of metocean parameters (extreme-event statistics and typical conditions at the project site) are used to support engineering projects in offshore, marine, waterfront and coastal environment.

Analysis of coastal processes

We specialize in analysis of coastal processes (winds, waves, tides, currents, sediment transport). Combinations of engineering tools and numerical modeling are used to characterize coastal processes at all stages of the project, including feasibility, planning, permitting, design and construction.

Hydrodynamic and sediment transport numerical modeling

We routinely apply state-of-the-art 2D and 3D models, including industry-accepted commercial and proprietary codes to simulate hydrodynamics and sediment transport in nearshore and offshore environments.

Our numerical modeling capabilities include wind-waves, swells, tsunami, tropical cyclones, hydrodynamic circulation, storm surges, contaminant dispersion, oil-spill, sediment transport and morphology.

Metocean monitoring

We design and manage monitoring systems to measure metocean data, including winds and atmospheric pressure, waves, water levels, water velocity/acceleration, sea water temperature and salinity.

Real-time measured data are collected, processed and analyzed to perform fatigue analysis of structures, assess margins in design extreme conditions, generate short-term metocean forecasting.


Our metocean team has extensive experience in offshore, waterfront and coastal engineering. Over time, we have conducted interdisciplinary studies and research in the marine environment field, at various geographical sites and ecotypes.

This broad expertise allows us to apply state- of-the-art analysis methods to support clients throughout all phases of marine projects, from feasibility to design and construction.

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