Dedicated services for dedicated sailors -

Dedicated services for dedicated sailors

29 Aug 2022

This year, RINA created a dedicated Marine Consulting Division to provide enhanced stateof-the-art support services for the marine sector

From the start, the division has been highly active in the yacht sector which represents a distinctive segment in the maritime world. The market’s unique characteristics require an exceptionally high level of care when it comes to construction and internal outfitting, and demands often exceed those of
luxury passenger ships.

Marine Consulting centralises and concentrates RINA’s longstanding expertise in yachting, which began in the early 20th century and has evolved to cater for the mega - and ultrayachts of today.

The consulting division offers a wide range of services far beyond simple inspections, supported by its global network of experts and technicians.

At the ship project level, the division offers a full range of engineering services including concept selection, concept design, pre-feed activities and operational performance analysis. Technical advice and front-end analysis can identify the best solutions for your specific ship project. Meanwhile, the team can provide drawing approval and survey during construction, while computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses have also become an essential tool in the design of yachts.

Project study often starts with energy consumption optimisation, propulsion selection and ‘device’ solutions. Today, no ship project can be completed without a close study of fuel solutions in order to choose which new generation fuel to adopt. This includes, of course, fuel cells but also hydrogen and
LNG fuelled propulsion with environmental risk analyses and the preparation of sustainability reports becoming a common feature in the marine industry. 

Yacht owners may also choose to focus on comfort, both for those on board and those living in the sea, with studies carried out into vessel noise and vibration.

Similar investigations can be carried out into operability and comfort analysis associated with seakeeping, as well as operational efficiency analysis.

There are many other areas where support can be provided: lay-up services, dry dock management, expediting and other special projects. Cyber security assessments and solutions have become a key element of ship operations as equipment has become digitalised and more sophisticated. Meanwhile owners and yards may seek help with hazardous material (IHM) compliance and list preparation.

Also from a regulatory perspective, owners may wish to make an analysis of compliance fail possibilities, or provide business partners such as banks, equity investors or insurers with support or due diligence surveys. Fair market evaluations may also be needed from time to time.

The Marine Consulting Division is available for the continuous support of clients in any part of the world, whatever the project. 

Gian Luca Mantegazza