Creating value in the era of ecological transition -

Creating value in the era of ecological transition

23 Jun 2022

Low-carbon development is a commercial opportunity for companies: read our paper

Creating value in the era of ecological transition

Is ecological transition an opportunity or a threat for the manufacturing sector?

How ecological transition may impact on companies?

How ecological transition may impact assets, processes and products?

Less than a decade is left to achieve the 2030 goals and set the proper moves to secure a fighting chance for a 1.5-degree world: climate change is already affecting economic activity and we must make moves using all available technologies to decrease CO2 emissions in all sectors along the entire energy value chain.

Many drivers will accelerate the ecological transition:

  • consumers have different priorities and behavior towards products and services,
  • investors are increasing the weight to ESG factors in their choices,
  • due to the European Union's Emissions Trading System (ETS), polluting is becoming more and more expensive.

We strongly believe that companies, and especially industrial manufacturers ones, should consider low-carbon development as commercial opportunities, steering their overall strategy to align processes and products to a completely new scenario funded on sustainability as the first priority.

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