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Seaview magazine: June 2017 issue

01 Jun 2017

Read the interviews to leading shipping operators, who give their perspective about future market conditions, the potential of LNG and the impact of environmental regulations

Welcome to Sea View, RINA’s annual magazine focused on the merchant shipping market.

Technology and the environment are major topics, reflecting current concerns and hopes for the future. This issue, we look at cyber security and the impact of the Internet of Things. Staying with technology, there are updates to RINA’s InfoSHIP® EGO system and dynamic positioning additional class notation.

Interviews with leading figures from various industry sectors reveal cautious optimism about future market conditions, as well as useful reflections on the potential of LNG and the impact of environmental regulations. Chief among these are the EU’s MRV regulation on CO2 emissions – which RINA is now accredited to verify – and the BWM Convention on ballast water management. We
also offer insights into small sectors with big potential, like wind farm transportation, factory ships and livestock carriers.

Many thanks to Caronte & Tourist, Cyprus Sea Lines, Polferries, Exmar and DFDS for their contributions.