CNI Achieves Milestone: Attains ISO 37001 and ISO 9001 Certifications for Anti-Bribery and Quality Systems -

CNI Achieves Milestone: Attains ISO 37001 and ISO 9001 Certifications for Anti-Bribery and Quality Systems

19 Dec 2023

CNI Achieves MilestoneThe Romanian National Investment Company (CNI) has obtained ISO 37001 certification, an international standard that recognizes the set-up of an efficient anti-bribery management system, and ISO 9001 certification - Quality Management System. RINA, a multinational inspection, certification and engineering consulting company, awarded the certificates in Bucharest.

ISO 37001 is the only globally recognized standard that can be used to certify companies with a management system to prevent corruption. It indicates the measures to adopt, prevent, detect and address bribery in an organization.

"The ISO 37001 certification is a recognition of CNI's sustained efforts in combating bribery and ensuring ethical business practices. This certificate attests to the existence of an efficient anti-corruption management system within the organization, contributing to building trust among customers, partners, and other stakeholders," said Rosario Alberto Distefano, Certification Europe Director at RINA.

At the delivery of the certificates, Adrian Cefălan, Director of Investment Implementation at CNI S.A., stated: "Transparency and integrity are fundamental values that we pursue and promote within the institution. These certifications confirm the importance we give to providing quality and transparency with our activities through clear rules and procedures."

Raluca Haliț, Head of Europe Institutional Relations at RINA Services, declared, "An ambitious and significant goal, the result of a complex verification process conducted by a group of RINA auditors, involving the whole CNI organization, on a topic of increasing relevance and public sensitivity in Romania. Congratulations on your involvement in the certification process. You have a well-prepared team with which we worked efficiently. It was a pleasure for RINA to collaborate".

The certification audit verified that the anti-bribery management system and the quality management system were correctly implemented, with evidence of the system’s capacity to meet applicable requirements and to achieve expected objectives. 

"We are proud to receive these prestigious certifications, reflecting our commitment to integrity, quality, and excellence in all aspects of our business," said Daniela Orodel, Economic Director of CNI S.A. "These certifications not only validate the efforts of our team but also demonstrate that we are guided by the highest standards in the fields of anti-corruption and quality."