Kiber 3, the third generation of all-in-one solutions has arrived -

Kiber 3, the third generation of all-in-one solutions has arrived

25 Jun 2020

Italy becomes leader in augmented reality for the 4.0 Industry with a performing and ergonomic solution, designed to empower workforce daylong, everywhere and in any condition

kiber-remote-surveyThe first daylong augmented reality wearable system, allowing to cover a full working shift without recharging the batteries, is Italian: it has been developed by VRMedia, deep-tech company born as a spin-off from the University of Sant’Anna of Pisa and partner of important industrial players like RINA and Goriziane.

The system, named Kiber 3, is head mounted on a standard hard hat and enables the improvement of workforce’s operating conditions through remote guidance in emergency situations or challenging environments (offshore platforms, ships, confined areas, remote locations), thanks to the possibility it offers of operating hands-free, its contained weight (1,100 grams), its ergonomic design (helmet and binocular visor) and its batteries that guarantee a battery life up to 7 hours, against an average of 1 or 2 hours of other wearable devices.

kiber-ship-inspection«Kiber 3 is the only worldwide system that provides a fully integrated solution of hardware and software for using augmented reality in industrial environments», explains Franco Tecchia, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Kiber. «Our head mounted device integrates a high resolution binocular visor, providing lower eye strain than monocular ones, a videocamera, a headset and microphone, enabling field operators to collaborate with one or more remote users for maintenance, troubleshooting and inspections».

«During ship inspections, the Kiber system is a valuable ally for dealing with situations where it is not always possible to have RINA personnel on board. Its use in difficult environments, both from the physical and connections standpoint, has given us the opportunity to focus on the potential that today is found in Kiber 3. Remote inspections in the shipping sector, and not only, will become the standard and we are happy to be able to contribute to the continuous improvement of this tool» said Giosuè Vezzuto, Executive Vice President Marine of RINA.

Remote users can live the situation as if they were on site, interacting and sharing information, data and images, while following the operations in a multiview mode: field worker can offer different views using the handcam with termal imaging capacity, a boroscope or a smartphone, in addition to the head mounted wide angle camera.

Kiber 3’s core is its communication platform, agile and safe. Kiber 3 connects through satellite or mobile network up to three remote users, simultaneously and from different locations, with the field worker, who is able to perform his activities hands-free and daylong, sharing in his binocular display the same images of remote collaborators. Maximum cyber safety is provided by TLS (SSL) encryption protocol.

The communication platform is used daily by RINA surveyors all over the world to carry out remote inspections on board ships.

Kiber 3 is pending for Atex zone 1 certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The new Kiber 3 is now available and will be distributed along with partners RINA and Goriziane. Franco Tecchia, Chief Technology Officer in commenting on the release of Kiber 3, says «Our day-to-day challenge is to bring the future everyday closer, delivering innovation and quality to our customers. With Kiber 3 we help companies to embrace the latest digital revolution with a turnkey solution that defines new ways of interaction between workers.»