Nautica Italiana and RINA together to shape the future of the italian nautical sector -

Nautica Italiana and RINA together to shape the future of the italian nautical sector

12 Sep 2018

Exchange of mutual know-how between Nautica Italiana and RINA, aimed at developing new strategies and regulations dedicated to the protection of the environment the promotion of RINA’s "Marina Excellence" certification for Tourist Ports and the certification of supply chain companies aimed at guaranteeing production quality.

Cannes, September 12th 2018 – This morning during the Cannes Yachting Festival, Nautica Italiana – the association that gathers over 110 brands of excellence in the national nautical sector – and the multinational certification group RINA, have signed a notable collaboration agreement aimed at developing regulatory and legislative synergies readily accessible to all members of the Association.

Nautica Italiana e RINA

As its purpose, the agreement between RINA and Nautica Italiana will provide for the organization of meetings, workshops and conferences but also the shared collaboration in the constitution of groups and technical committees aimed at the development of new national regulations. In particular, RINA commits itself to provide services aimed at supporting technical, regulatory and commercial activities, also including specific training projects. In addition RINA, will take care of the development of specific accreditations for regulatory requirements, called on by foreign and new emerging markets.


Nautica Italiana e RINA

Nautica Italia and RINA will work together in organizing training workshops – on cross-cutting issues such as sustainability and environment protection – with the aim of providing support to shipyards and associates. RINA will provide support for the development of standards aimed at achieving national certification specifically for components/accessories, ports, Marinas and related personnel qualifications. And, finally, RINA will provide Nautica Italiana’s Members with all its commercial services from the classification of megayachts to product certification and consultancy in training activities.

“We are very pleased to have closed this collaboration agreement with RINA because thanks to their experience and professionalism, Nautica Italiana will now be able to provide its associates with a series of cutting edge services for their further development and consolidation within the internal and global market, such as the "Marina Excellence" certification for touristic ports of excellence and the certification, dedicated to supply chain companies, aimed at improving the relationship between client and supplier in guaranteeing production quality”, stated Lamberto Tacoli, President of Nautica Italiana.

“Promote the creation of new technical regulations in the nautical sector, spread the culture of sustainability and train the various professional figures in order to continuously increase the quality of overall standards. These are just some of the activities we can now carry out, thanks to this precious collaboration with Nautica Italiana, a partner that shares with us the attention and sensitivity on crucial issues dedicated to the development of the overall Italian Nautical Industry”, stated Paolo Moretti, RINA Executive Vice President Marine Strategic Development