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RINA joins the Brazilian Hydrogen Association - ABH2

28 Jun 2024

A partnership between RINA and ABH2 for the development of the hydrogen chain in Brazil

Brazilian Hydrogen Association - ABH2The Brazilian Hydrogen Association - ABH2 is a non-profit organization aimed at fostering the chain of hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and use for energy purposes in Brazilian territory. It promotes regulatory and normative actions to stimulate the market and the development of the hydrogen chain and its technologies.

With the discovery of low carbon emission hydrogen, commonly known as green hydrogen, a new source of renewable energy has been obtained that could contribute to reducing atmospheric pollutants.

The bill creating the legal framework for low carbon emission hydrogen in Brazil was approved by the Brazilian Senate Plenary, providing tax and financial incentives for the sector totaling R$ 13 billion.

As a result, the Brazilian Hydrogen Association is taking actions to ensure that the Hydrogen Regulatory Framework in Brazil continues to progress, participating in all sector chambers and engaging in frequent activities in the National Congress.

ABH2 engages with congress members for public policies in the hydrogen segment using intellectual and human resources, encouraging H2 production through electrolysis, biomass, fossil fuels, among others. 

RINA shares ABH2's mission to promote the commercialization, research, innovation, and development of the hydrogen industry. We actively contribute to the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee, Statute, and H2 Regulations.

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Andrea Bombardi